Substance Abuse

Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program (ODATP)

Positive Growth, Inc. Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program (ODATP) seeks to provide comprehensive individualized drug and alcohol treatment and education services for chemically addicted individuals and their families whose lives have become unmanageable as a result of drug addiction and alcoholism and introduce them to a new lifestyle free of chemicals. Treatment is provided through a social-therapeutic model and includes education, counseling, new lifestyle training, and introduction to the recovery community.

Treatment is provided in a safe environment respecting the client and their personal treatment needs, utilizing current addiction and mental health protocols. Treatment will focus on empowering each client to succeed and become a productive member of society while supporting and encouraging recovery. Positive Growth, Inc. (ODATP) is ethically bound to employ only those applicants who are deemed qualified to serve as determined by training, education, and competency levels, combined with the availability of adequate resources. Admission within our scope of care is to American Society of Addictive Medicine (ASAM) levels 0.5, I and II.1. The services provided are organized and structured non-residential services offered to adolescents 14-18 years of age and adults 18 years of age and older, who meet the eligibility requirements for treatment.

Our outpatient drug abuse treatment and education program offer hope to individuals and families suffering from the disease of chemical dependence. Our agency will provide an exemplary level of care and consistently demonstrate results that will place us at the top of our industry.

Positive Growth, Inc. (ODATP) provides prevention, education, treatment and case management services. Most services are made available to the public through contracted licensed providers. Service objectives are to raise public awareness of the dangers of alcohol, and other drug abuse and treat persons suffering from the disease of addiction.

ODATP Location

Positive Growth, Inc. (ODATP) office is located in Clarkston, Georgia just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta, offering a comprehensive structure of drug and alcohol treatment services and aftercare services for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

We will work closely with Insurance Providers, Employee Assistance Professionals, Mental Health Agencies, Government Agencies (DFACS/DJJ), licensed providers and privately referred clients to provide effective, individualized drug treatment and education of the highest quality. Treatment is provided through a social/clinical model that includes education and group counseling for clients and their families, individual counseling and treatment planning, and case management of co-existing issues, including dual diagnoses.


Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation and Assessment are available to any parent, school, or legal personnel attempting to determine if an adolescent has a substance abuse problem and the severity of the problem. A written report is generated with treatment recommendations based on the ASAM criteria. Reports are released based on appropriate consent

Outpatient Treatment (ASAM Level I)

Outpatient Treatment is the least restrictive level offered. This level is for those who need minimal support and motivation to regain a positive lifestyle. Treatment services may last between 120 days but no longer that one year depending on the severity of the individual illness and his or her response to treatment using ASAM criteria. Treatment is three hours per week, two or three days per week and usually occurs during the evening. Family and individual counseling are scheduled as need.

Such treatment may include individual and group counseling, family therapy, vocational counseling, occupational and recreational therapy, psychotherapy and other therapies. In addition, attendance at 12-step or other self-help meetings may be required, but time spent attending such groups will not count as part of the required three-hour treatment minimum.

Early Intervention (ASAM 0.5)

This is not a level of care or treatment but a combination of psycho-education and assessment.  If the assessment indicates the need for treatment, the individual may receive treatment at the conclusion of the 0.5 service or concurrently.  The patient is assessed as being at minimal or no risk of severe withdrawal syndrome and can be safely managed at this level.

Day Treatment (ASAM Level II.5)

Day Treatment is offered to adolescents and adults who need a controlled, structured setting during school or work hours but who can return to their home environment each day. Treatment progress is continually monitored and evaluated using ASAM criteria. The treatment day is four hours, five days per week. The day includes education services as well as individual, group, and family therapy.

DUI Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Provider

Positive Growth Intervention and Education Center is certified by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities as a DUI Intervention Program to provide Clinical Evaluations and/or ASAM 1 Treatment. A clinical evaluation must be completed on all DUI offenders to determine the need for treatment.

The evaluation must be performed by an approved Clinical Evaluator. The minimum amount of Treatment for ASAM 1 consist of 2 levels, short term, 6 to 12 weeks, 2 or 3 hours per week for a minimum of 18 hours or long term consists of a 4 to 12-month program 3 to 9 hours of treatment per- week.

ODATP Purpose

Our purpose is to effectively provide treatment and education to individuals suffering from chemical dependence and substance abuse related issues. Positive Growth, Inc. (ODATP) emphasizes the importance of treating and educating clients with dignity while helping them reintegrate into society as productive, drug-free individuals.

We hope to achieve this by:

Providing high quality, cost-effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment services through our continuous quality improvement program.

Ensuring that our agency is safe, supportive and drug-free.

Demonstrating significant reductions in substance abuse and corresponding quality of life improvements.

Achieving cooperative partnerships between treatment staff and clients.

Continuing Education and Training of our staff.

ODATP Programs and Services

Our drug treatment and education program will offer a complete continuum of treatment and education to recovering alcoholic/addicts through outpatient treatment and aftercare.



Medical and Psychiatric Evaluation

Case Management

Alcohol and other drug educational groups

Group sessions facilitated by professional counselors

Individualized treatment planning

Individual counseling sessions

Drug/Urine Screenings

Family Educational Groups

Discharge/Transition planning

Relapse Prevention

One-on-one assistance

Access to a variety of resources, including multicultural resources

Introduction to 12 Step recovery principles and self-help groups

Coordination with a physician, therapist, and EAP

Informational material

Referrals to other support services if needed

Our drug treatment and education programs will assist clients in enhancing self-awareness and advancing knowledge through:

Providing comprehensive substance abuse counseling and education.

Assisting Clients with Appropriate referrals to a vast network of community resources.

Providing in-depth Drug and Alcohol education.

Ongoing training.

Helping reduce the stigma of the alcoholic/addict through education and community outreach.

Effectively representing the interests of substance abuse treatment to clients, the community, referring agencies, and other involved parties.

Our professional, competent and caring clinical team consists of one or more of the following:

Medical Physician

Licensed Psychiatrist/Psychologist

Licensed Professional Counselors and/or Social Workers

Registered Nurses

Case Managers

Certified A/D Counselors

Mental Health Professionals

Morning and Evening Programs

The Outpatient Drug Treatment and Education Program provide adolescents, adults, and families with substance abuse problems an intensive educational and therapeutic alternative to treating their chemical dependency and related problems.  The outpatient setting minimizes disruption of work and family routines.  While supporting the client’s needs for comprehensive treatment in an efficient and cost-effective manner, outpatient care deals with real day-to-day living problems often associated with addictive disease and substance abuse.  Two program options are available:

Morning O.P. Program Hours – 9:00am-1:00pm

The Morning O.P. is a (17 up to 52 weeks) program based on an assessment in which adolescents and adults progress through 4 phases of treatment.

Evening O.P. Program Hours – 6:00pm-9:00pm

The Evening O.P. is a (17 up to -52week) program based on an assessment in which adolescents and adults progress through 4 phases of treatment.

NOTE: Fees are offered on an income-based sliding scale to ensure that everyone gets the help they need regardless of income. We also accept individualized fees, insurance, and Medicaid.

Equal Opportunity

Admissions and the provision of services and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, handicap, national origin, ancestry, age or sex.

Adult Referral Form

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