Positive Growth Inc. provide services to support, empower and enable individuals, families and communities to be strengthened through professional residential care and community based integrated services that will enhance the health, safety and needs of the community. Our residential, intervention and education programs offer integrated comprehensive services for the child, adolescent, adult and family. Our programs include a broad spectrum of services utilizing rules and regulations, policies and procedures and guidelines established by the Georgia Department of Human Services, the Georgia Department of Behavior Health and Developmental Disabilities and Bright from the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.

Residential Care Program

Our homes are community based. Our residential care program is a home-like environment for males ages six to twenty-one. We define our home environment as clean, safe and nurturing. The home environment takes us a step beyond other residential agencies. We are not babysitters for our youth. We are staffed twenty hours a day by a team of educated, experienced and trained professional whose objective is to build heathy relationships with our youth. Most of our youth have never experienced the support of a parent. As pseudo parents, our staff members set boundaries, set expectations and challenge our youth to make sound decisions. Our youths are held accountable through a structured caring daily milieu encouraging and rewarding positive behavior and redirecting problematic behavior through appropriate interventions and feedback weekly from an assigned residential advisor. There are resources and activities available that are structured to provide memorable, healthy, age-appropriate learning experiences. The ultimate goal is to help our youth reach their full potential and assist in reunification returning them to their homes when applicable and if this is not an option independent living.

Intervention Services Program

Our intervention services program (ISP) is a safe haven for individuals to discuss and work through their problems in order to find mindful solutions. ISP provides integrated services to support, empower and enable individuals, families and communities to be strengthened through professional community based-services that will enhance the health, safety and needs of the community. We have created a mental health delivery system with a continuum of mental health services that are culturally diverse. These services assure consumer empowerment, have a community focus, are cost-effective for the system and are integrated to serve the community as a whole, regardless of cultural or ethnic background. The system of care is person-centered and family focused, with the needs of the child, adolescent, adult and family dictating the types and mix of services provided. Our services are provided in the least restricted areas: at homes, schools, work, court, neighborhood sites, or our office.


Our Education Center provides educational opportunities to motivate, educate and challenge students to achieve their highest potential. Our center offers programs and services to people of all ages. Our program is committed to providing educational support services to meet the diverse needs of students who are experiencing difficulty in their current core studies or as a student was unsuccessful in traditional models of learning or you are a parent in need of a safe environment for your student(s) during the after school hours, out of school times to include: holidays, teacher work days, spring break and summer.

Our Services Include:

• Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment (CCFA)
• Individual, Family and Group Therapy
• Thinking for a Change Group
• Residential Out-of-Home Care
• Independent Living Program
• Transitional Living Program
• After-School/Summer Program for students K-12
• Parenting Education Classes/Support Groups
• Delinquent and Unruly Youth Services
• Referral and linkage services to other needed resources and programs
• Family Wrap-Around Services
• GED and Vocational Job Skills Training
• Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment
• Trauma-focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
• Day School Suspension/Mentoring Program
• Anger Management Classes
• Intensive Family Intervention Services
• Psychiatric and Psychological Services/Evaluations
• Family Violence Intervention Program
• Crisis Intervention and Brief Therapy
• Outreach/Community Support
• Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Education Program
• Homeless Prevention and Intervention Services
• Preventing disruption of out of home placement