Intervention Services Program (ISP)

Positive Growth Intervention & Education Center
945 N. Indian Creek Rd
Clarkston GA 30021


Positive Growth Inc. is dedicated to meeting the unique and diverse needs of each child, youth, adult, or family seeking mental health and/or mandated services.

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Program Philosophy….

We are dedicated to meeting the unique and diverse needs of each child, youth, adult, or family seeking mental health and/or mandated services. Positive Growth Intervention Services Program (ISP) provides a safe haven for individuals to discuss and work through their problems in order to find mindful solutions. Establishing a therapeutic relationship focused on individual needs, building on current strengths, and developing confidence and courage to face presenting problems are the keys to success. Cultural competence of the communities we serve is central to ISP’s philosophy and delivery of services. A partnership between our Professional staff and our consumers, both work to accomplish the client’s goals and assures quality care. Consumers are involved in every aspect of their treatment and/or education services, which is based on their own self-identified needs and goals; allowing them to define their own success. ISP embraces a person-centered, family-focused and community –based model of integrated services that are culturally sensitive. These services will enable those involved to achieve their highest level of success. Our services are driven by the needs and preferences of the child, youth, adult, and family, and address these needs through a strength-based approach. We are committed to providing these services in a manner that exceeds the expectations of our consumers, their families, and those who recommend our services to others. We provide Information and Referral Services to help consumers find the resources they need. ISP offers many services but if we don’t offer the exact service a client need, we can definitely help them find who does.

ISP Goals are…

to provide 1) high quality and culturally competent services that are individualized, family oriented and built on strengths; 2) services that are driven by the needs and preferences of the child, youth and family, and address these needs through a strength-based approach; 3) services that are integrated, with linkages between behavioral health-serving agencies and programs and mechanisms for planning, developing and coordinating services; 4) services that are culturally competent with agencies, programs and 5) services that are responsive to the cultural, racial, and ethnic differences of the populations they serve.

Program Objectives

ISP professional staff work collaboratively with consumers and families to address issues that hinder consumers from living a quality/productive life; to reduce the need for out-of–home placement or separating family members (particularly inpatient hospitalization) with children and youth with mental health diagnoses. To accomplish this, Positive Growth provides outpatient services aimed at restoring, enhancing, or maintaining consumers, the highest level of functioning and preventing and/or decreasing psychiatric hospital admission. These consumer-directed services should build upon the strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences of the individual.

Consumers who qualify for and would benefit from outpatient programming are identified through initial and ongoing assessments designed to identify the needs of the consumer. A discussion is held with each consumer regarding available services and an Individual Service Recovery Plan (ISRP) is developed identifying consumer goals and services. Consumer choice and participation in the development of goals and services are directed toward optimizing the empowerment of the individuals.

When deciding whether an individual is eligible for services, ISP considers the problems and issues that the consumer face; and the risks of the consumer’s independence or health. In order to efficiently and expeditiously address the needs of the consumer seeking assistance, a quick assessment of the presenting circumstances is warranted. A brief assessment is initiated by a designated mental health professional on the consumer who present for services or who are referred for an evaluation. The assessment will determine the need for services and which service and/or program is adequate for the client. Other eligibility criteria are:

  • Proof of financial eligibility for services (to include private and/or public insurance)
  • Mental health needs must meet APS mandated criteria (target population)
  • Must meet criteria for admission to the specific program

We accept referrals and are a service provider for Private Insurance, County Social Service & Corrections agencies, Schools, Public and Private Clinics/Hospitals from the Metro Atlanta Areas to name a few. Services are offered on an income-based sliding scale to endure that everyone gets the help they need regardless of income.

ISP Aim is…

to empower and support the people we serve to live self-determined, productive and valued lives within our community. To accomplish these aims, ISP has identified, developed and offers programs on prevention, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation, education and other support services in a personalized, flexible manner appropriate to the needs of each child, adolescent, adult, and family we serve.

Our Services are …

provided in the least restricted areas: at homes, schools, neighborhood sites, or our office located in Clarkston. Services are offered daily and appointments are available during the day, evening and weekends.

Services Provided by…

our experienced and dedicated trained team of licensed health care professionals, certified counselors, facilitators, and paraprofessionals.

Fees are…

offered on an income-based sliding scale to ensure that everyone gets the help they need regardless of income. We also accept individualized fees, insurance, and Medicaid.