About Us

Positive Growth, Inc

Positive Growth Inc. (PGI) a premier residential and community based mental health multi-service agency servicing the state of Georgia. PGI is a non-profit organization accredited by the National Council on Accreditation (COA). We offer comprehensive and holistic services within our residential care program and community based mental health and education center.


Positive Growth, Inc. PGI was founded in 1994 by Joseph T. Arnold to provide consultation to residential treatment facilities in the metro Atlanta area. Realizing the high rate of delinquency and homelessness in Georgia, PGI decided to increase its service base by providing troubled and homeless child/adolescent males with a clean, safe and nurturing environment to call home. This decision was fueled by a sincere passion to help children and youth succeed. Hence, in January 1996, the former Partridge Rest Home was purchased and the initial renovation was complete within a year. PGI was approved for operation from the Department of Human Resource and received its Child Care license in October of 1997 and opened its doors as a quality residential child care home to troubled and/or homeless males between the ages of six and twenty-one. Between 1998 and 2004 we opened two additional cottage to serve young men between the ages of eighteen and twenty one who were aging out of care in our Independent Living Program. Our services expanded to working with the entire family and individual adults in crisis who required more comprehensive support services. In 2007, PGI expanded by creating two locations augmenting its service base to include three Residential Care Homes, an Educational Center to provide an afterschool and summer enrichment program and a Community Mental Health Intervention Program to provide integrated child-focused and person/family-centered services throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. With two locations in Clarkston, Georgia: Positive Growth Residential Boys Home, 4036 E. Ponce De Leon Ave. Clarkton, Ga. 30021 and Positive Growth Inc. Intervention & Education Center located at 945 N. Indian Creek Drive. In 2012, PGI initiated its Transitional Living Homeless Program for male’s ages 18-24 who have either aged out of foster-care system or experienced homelessness due to employment, education, financial, physical, mental and emotional restraints.

In the 20 years since PGI’s inception, the organization has focused its work on children, youth, adults and families with intense and complex emotional and behavioral needs or disabilities. Our organization began as a one residential boys home serving eight (8) males in our home and has grown substantially to include: a two acre campus with three cottages for children and youth, an Intervention and Education Center serving more than a 1,000 children, youth, adults and families each year who may have experienced homelessness, behavior and/or mental health issues, education setbacks or who are seeking wholeness.

Our Mission

 Our mission is strengthen the lives of children, youth, adults and families during difficult life transitions.


to bring about measurable positive changes through a person-centered, family-focused and community-based model of integrated services that are culturally sensitive.  These services will enable those involved to achieve their highest level of success.

Core Values

Our Core Values are Accountability, Compassion, Excellence Integrity, Respect, Spirituality and Teamwork.

Our Beliefs

We believe that every person is a child of God and deserving of RESPECT. We will strive to recruit and retain COMPETENT individuals into the organization with a passion for our mission. We value all resources that we have been blessed with and will utilize them to maximum efficiency. We believe in providing leadership through serving our community.  Every action that we take will be viewed through the prism of how it betters the lives of the people we have been charged with serving.  We believe that we cannot expect to develop integrity within our clients without first exhibiting integrity within ourselves…

  • We believe in supporting staff member’s happiness and excellence.
  • We strive to enable the restoration of families and the empowerment of individuals to take control of their lives.
  • We value diversity and foster an open, trusting and inclusive environment.
  • We believe more can be accomplished through collaboration of staff, supporters and the community working together.
  • We believe in being ethical and honest, inspiring trust through our words and actions.

We understand that healthy families are the cornerstone to building a strong community and believe in the importance of working within our community and recognizing the unique strengths of families. Licensed, certified and trained professionals implement intervention and prevention programs designed to strengthen families and provide safe, stable home environments.

Serving Children and Families Since 1994