Additional Comprehensive Services


Positive Growth Intervention and Education Center offers additional comprehensive services, including:

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Anger Management

This program is designed to put an end to the debilitating effects of the cycle of domestic violence in families by increasing self-esteem and empowering the individuals to become self-sufficient and to maintain independence in a violent-free lifestyle. Our program serves children and adults who have experienced family violence at any time in their life. The Family Violence Intervention Program helps children and adults who have been hurt by violence heal and rebuild their lives.

DUI Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Provider

Positive Growth Counseling Center is certified by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities as a DUI Intervention Program to provide Clinical Evaluations and/or ASAM 1 Treatment. A clinical evaluation must be completed on all DUI offenders to determine the need for treatment. The evaluation must be performed by an approved Clinical Evaluator. The minimum amount of Treatment for ASAM 1 consist of 2 levels, short term, 6 to 12 weeks, 2 or 3 hours per week for a minimum of 18 hours, or long term consists of a 4 to 12 month program 3 to 9 hours of treatment per week. More¦

Value Clarification- Theft Course

Cognitive Life Skills Course (CLTC). This is a six-eight hour program for shoplifters and others convicted of minor theft. and is designed as a personal, self-development, life skills class. It is based on The American Community Corrections Institutes self improvement workshops and is geared toward shoplifters and others convicted of minor theft. It uses Cognitive, Reality, and Values therapies to correct distorted thinking. The client works on denial, accepting responsibility, increasing self esteem, and gaining skills to change.

Comprehensive Child and Family Assessment

We offer comprehensive child and family assessment utilizing guidelines established by the Georgia Department of Human Resources. Assessments are tailored to aid in the development of a comprehensive permanency plan for each child.

Wrap Around Services

Wraparound service provides individualized, comprehensive, community-based services and supports to children and adolescents with serious emotional and/or behavioral disturbances. Services include: Family Team Meetings, Parenting Classes, In-Home Intensive Treatment, In-Home Case Management, Crisis Intervention and other services as needed. These services are designed to prevent hospitalization and maintain children in less restrictive school and family settings.

Intensive Family Intervention“ (IFI) Services

Intensive Family Intervention Services are short-term, family-focused, and community-based services designed to help families cope with significant stresses or problems that interfere with their ability to nurture their children. The goal of the Intensive Family Intervention Program is to maintain children with their families, or to reunify them, whenever it can be done safely. Services are an intensive family intervention treatment program designed for children and adolescents at risk of out of home placement. IFI employs a crisis intervention and skill based model of treatment that focuses on the whole family. Skills for daily living and family life are provided. An IFI specialist typically spends eight or more hours per week with each family.

Parent/Child Impact Education Class

This program is a skill-based parenting class that assists parents in developing parenting skills which will encourage appropriate behavior, help prevent problems from arising as the child matures, and instill a sense of self-discipline. Classes help parents understand age specific developmental needs and behaviors so they can provide appropriate and consistent discipline to make family life a happy and pleasant experience. The fatherhood class focuses on helping men recognize attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that support healthy and unhealthy father-child relationships. Six twelve weeks one hour group sessions led by a parent trainer.

Safe Care

Safe Care is an evidence-based, parent-training curriculum for parents who are at-risk or have been reported for child maltreatment. Parents are taught, for example, how to plan and implement activities with their children, respond appropriately to child behaviors, improve home safety, and address health and safety issues.