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For the past five years, the youth at the Residential Care Program have been treated to a first rate hair cut in preparation for back to school. The sponsor of the event Riece Bentley, a Positive Growth board member, says the smiles on the young men’s faces make it all worth it. But it’s more than just a haircut – it’s an event with food, music, and fun. It’s a celebration to get the youth excited about going back to school.  There are guest speakers, such as actor Afemo Omilami who is also an advocate for Atlanta’s Hosea Feed the Hungry. Mr. Afemo gave some wonderful words of wisdom and inspiration to the youth. Others followed behind to encourage and inspire the young men to have a successful school year. “We want our young men to feel good on the inside and out and be ready for their first day.” says Mr. Bentley. All our youth residents received new sneakers, clothes, and school supplies.  Moreover, this event is an opportunity for the young men to know they are valued, and they are special. It’s an opportunity to empower Positive Growth’s youth with confidence, dignity, and pride in their own self-worth.

If you are interested in helping our youth residents call us and learn how you can get involved. Contact our Resource Development Department at 404-298-9005 Ext. 59 or email

Author: jarnold