Positive Growth Recipient of Leadership DeKalb Community Service Project

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In October 2016, Positive Growth, Inc. (PGI) was selected by Leadership DeKalb (LD) as a participant of its Community Service Project. This initiative sought to build stronger ties with DeKalb County nonprofit organizations by offering an opportunity for in-depth and specialized project consultation. Positive Growth, Inc. worked with a consultation team from the LD Class of 2017, appropriately named DeKalb SEVEN that spent months, from October 2016 through May 2017, researching, analyzing and formulating a solid marketing plan to aid Positive Growth’s internal effectiveness. On June 2, the DeKalb SEVEN presented its findings to LD Class of 2017 in a stellar marketing plan for PGI’s use. The estimated in kind contribution of the services provided to PGI is $11,500. PGI is grateful for the time and talent effort that went into developing an incredible plan that will help with the growth and direction of our organization.  PGI enjoyed the new brand positioning statement the team provided, “Think Positive.” This branding will be incorporated into PGI’s work.

Special thanks to:

DeKalb SEVEN Team Chair: Quinn Green

DeKalb SVEN Team Facilitator: Monica Richardson

DeKalb Seven Team Members:

Dan Baskerville

Kim Bentley

Kim Blackwell

Cole Jones

Dr. Adrianne McVeigh

Adela Yelton

DeKalb SEVEN Team Liaisons: Angela Battle and Karl Williams

About Leadership DeKalb: Founded in 1986, Leadership DeKalb, a 501©3 non-profit organization, is a community leadership program that continues to build a network who are committed to addressing and resolving the issues that impact the quality of life in DeKalb County and the metro region. For more information, visit www.leadershipdekalb.org. Or, find them on Twitter @LeadersofDeKalb or Facebook at www.facebook.com/LeadershipDeKalb.

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