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The City of Clarkston and Positive Growth, Inc. are celebrating the successful conclusion of a 10 session summer youth violence prevention initiative sponsored by the Minority Youth Violence Prevention Program. Positive Growth developed a unique anti-violence curriculum called the Life Coping Skills Program (LCSP) for students aged (10-18) that were offered complimentary to Clarkston youth residents.  LCSP is an intervention and violence prevention program specializing in helping children, adolescents, and young adults find the path that leads to a successful and positive life. The program provides a supervised structured environment combining skill building, counseling, positive reinforcement and goal planning. We were fortunate to also partner with Clarkston First Baptist Church to offer this program to its campers. Over the course of six weeks, our youth participants have discussed topics such as coping with negative peer pressure, gang violence, anger management, and conflict resolution, thinking for a change, aggression replacement training, bullying, drug prevention, improving pro-social skills, gun violence, school and truancy, and suicide prevention.

All participants were very engaged in the curriculum and shared that they were unaware of the various forms of violence. The program made youth aware of the impact various forms of violence can have on someone and as a collective, they discussed practical and appropriate solutions they can implement when they come in contact with violence. As a result, they have been empowered to prevent the escalation of violence when amongst their peers.

If you are interested in learning more about LCSP program and our anti violence programming, contact us at 404-298-9005.

Author: jarnold