Multicultural Services

Positive Growth, Inc. (PGI), Multicultural Services Program provides multilingual and culturally sensitive mental health, substance abuse, social, and educational services to immigrants and refugee children, youth, adults, and families in more than 20 languages from various ethnic and linguistic minority groups. PGI has established a culturally competent care system addressing the needs of people and families with diverse values, beliefs, and sexual orientation in addition to backgrounds that vary by disability, race, ethnicity, religion, language, and socio-economic levels. The diversity and dedication of the staff of PGI is a testament to our organization’s passion for providing a comprehensive and culturally sensitive service to ethnically rich populations. We value and appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals. Our commitment is to create and maintain an environment that fosters cultural humility where all people feel welcome. We recognize the right of human beings to be treated with dignity and respect. We are dedicated to enhancing cultural sensitivity and cultural competency in all of our work. This promotes our growth as individuals and as a community.

• Individual, family and group therapy.
• School-based prevention counseling services.
• An after-school program for students K-12.
• Parenting education classes/prevention support groups.
• Mental/behavioral health assessments.
• Family wrap-around services.
• GED and vocational/job readiness skills training.
• Substance abuse assessment, education, and treatment.
• Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy.                                                                                          • Direct services for Survivors of Torture.
• Anger management classes.
• Family violence intervention program/assessments.
• Psychosexual assessments/parental fitness.
• Therapeutic crisis intervention and brief therapy.
• Outreach/community support.
• Psychological/psychiatric assessments.
• Referral and linkage services to other needed resources and programs.
• Home management (individual and group).
• Emergency/crisis intervention {911, police, fire rescue, and ambulance} (individual and group).
• Parent education on the school system’s policies and procedures (individual and group).
• Parent education regarding schools and educational terminology (individual and group).
• School-related casework to provide assistance to parents when they visit their children’s schools (individual).
• Case managers to assist them with completing eligibility forms and applications.
• Preventing disruption of out of home placement services.
  • CHIN
  • URDU
  • CHIN

Positive Growth Inc.’s Multicultural Service Program offers professional workshops, seminars, and training. It is our intention to provide high quality, timely, and pertinent training opportunities to meet the professional development needs of those seeking to increase their skills, advance in their careers or to be more effective working in their career field.  We offer a range of customized training programs and presentations for outside providers, educators, mental health professional, child welfare workers, organizations or parent/guardians including a Crossing Cultural Boundaries Workshop.

  • Self-esteem, Assertiveness, and Lack of Confidence
  • Art Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Groups for women {trauma therapy}
  • Groups for Men {trauma therapy}
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic Violence prevention
  • Bullying and Gang prevention
  • Internet stress relief games
  • Assertiveness and decision making
  • Integration and Emotional Counseling (individual and Group)
  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression

Food and clothes pantry.

Resource linkage to the various programs.

We have an experienced and dedicated trained team of licensed health care professionals, certified counselors, direct care staff, facilitators, community team leaders and paraprofessionals.

  • International Rescue Committee Atlanta.
  • World Relief Atlanta
  • New American Pathways
  • Lutheran Services of Georgia
  • Refugee Women’s Network
  • Georgia Division of Family and Children Services
  • DeKalb Board of Health {Refugee Clinic}
  • Somali American Community Center
  • Somali Women Support Group INC.
  • A One Home Care
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
  • Catholic Charities Atlanta

Positive Growth Inc. ‘s Multicultural Services program is responsive to the needs of the diverse communities of the Metro Atlanta areas.


Residential Care Program

4036 E. Ponce De Leon Ave.
Clarkston GA 30021
404-292-6420 – Office
404-292-2041 – Fax

Intervention & Education Center

945 N. Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston GA 30021
404-298-9005 – Office
404-298-0046 – Fax

Multicultural Services

3155 E. Ponce DeLeon Ave
Bldg A
Scottdale, GA 30079
678-973-2005 – Office
678-973-2534 – Fax


If you want the support, the support is definitely here”

A. Green

Before this program I lacked knowledge, Positive Growth has given me great knowledge. I appreciate so much to be given so great knowledge and time. . . until I get my GED.

A D-S Refugee

In the past, I have been counseled by other therapists. My therapist at Positive Growth Intervention Center is the first counselor who exemplified the type of effective counseling that I needed. They emulated a balance between being professional and personable. The therapist was compassionate and open-minded. They balanced humor with expertise in manner that is easy to receive. Their methods were not only effective but refreshing”. I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive family and individual counseling at Positive Growth Intervention Center. The Therapists are passionate, dedicated and committed to their work in the community. In addition, their willingness to go above and beyond to serve their clients is genuine and greatly appreciated


Thank you for all you did to improve my son’s life while he was at your residential care program. You gave him a place filled with guidance and support to help him work through the things we couldn’t resolve at home. I thanked his judge for sending him to you. I thank God for you all.

Mother of C.D

The service is good here, the after school even has transportation to bring my child home! My son likes it he says ‘I learn about being healthy and not bullying I can play more.’ We came to America for him to get a better education–he gets that at Positive Growth.

B.M. Parent

Thank you to the staff at Positive Growth for helping me become the man I am today.”

Former Boys Home Residence