Independent Living Program

Positive Growth’s Residential Independent Living Program (ILP) is designed to assist youth in out-of-home placements to plan for their futures and to make a successful transition to adulthood.  Participation in the program is a federal requirement for all youth over the age of 16 who are in foster care or group placement.

Independent Living services begin at the age of 14 for youth under Positive Growth’s guardianship. The ILP program encourages teens to actively engage in the adult living preparation process.  Each teen receives written information about transitional and adult issues.  In addition, a youth participates in several assessments (including the Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessment) and helps with the development of an Adult Living Preparation Plan and Aftercare Plan to support transitional living as an adult when Independent Living program support ends.  Each assessment and plan is updated regularly to monitor progress and ensure a teen’s adult preparation needs are met.

Adult Living Preparation Plans and associated support services address such issues as education, job training and employment; housing and transportation; money management; health and safety needs, and behavioral and socials skills including learning about community resources.  A variety of training and socialization opportunities are available to youth in the Independent Living Program.

Life Skills Training

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Emergency and Safety Skills

Community Resources

Interpersonal/Social Skills/Cooking

Housing Options/Location

Legal Issues


Health Care

Personal Appearance




Residential Care Program

Residential Application

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