Think Positive!: Positive Growth Endorses Ross Center’s New Year’s Mental Health Resolutions

Think Positive!: Positive Growth Endorses Ross Center’s New Year’s Mental Health Resolutions

While we often set physical, tangible new year resolutions, setting mental health resolutions are equally important. Mental Health is the building block to everything in our lives—relationships, careers, physical wellness and quality of life.

To safeguard, enhance and increase coping skills and practices, Positive Growth encourages the following Ross Center provided mental health resolutions:

  • Practice daily gratitude: Whether you want to start a gratitude journal, begin meditating, or start each day just thinking about what you’re grateful for, practicing gratitude allows you to focus on what you haverather than what you lack. Shift your mind to focus on the positives, you’ll notice stress levels decrease and moments of happiness increase.
  • Practice positive affirmations: We are often too hard on ourselves. Saying or journaling affirmations, similarly, to practicing gratitude, is a great way to refocus on the good in our lives. Positive statements can help you overcome negative or self-sabotaging thoughts.
  • Incorporate “screen-free” or “social media free” days: Social media is a great tool for keeping up with close friends and families, but it can also contribute to feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. If scrolling is starting to do more harm than good, try incorporating a few days a week or a month without it, or even limit your daily use to 15 minutes in the morning. Focus on being present. Being present and mindful not only makes us happier, but it can also help us deal with pain, fear and anger more effectively.
  • Ask for help: Asking for help from the right people can help facilitate further development. These people create optimism and hope that we are able to deal with challenging situations, which improves our resilience.

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