The PSSF program is funded through the Department of Children Services. PGI’ s Family Intervention and Support Services/Placement Prevention program intervenes with families and children facing significant challenges that are exacerbated by risk factors such as poverty, abuse, neglect, language barriers, mental and physical illness and who may be at imminent risk for maltreatment, neglect, legal and/or DFCS intervention. These families may have been involved with DFCS and/or have high risk factors that place them at risk. This program is designed to stabilize the family and provide and refer them to needed services. It is not a long-term solution for mental health therapy.

Through our PSSF program we provide the following support services: Comprehensive Assessments, Case Management: Service Coordination, Case Management: Information & Referral, Parent Education (Individual & Group), Behavior Management Groups (Thinking for Change), Life Skills and Employment Support Skills, Substance Abuse Treatment (Individual & Group), Individual Therapy, Family Therapy and Transportation support.

Give us a call if you think you and your family qualify for the PSSF program and would like help (404) 298-9005.