Quality and culturally competent services

Residential Youth Care and Community-Based Behavioral Health Services

Our Aim

Our Agency is dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals and communities by providing a range of services aimed at prevention, intervention, treatment, and support.

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High quality and culturally competent services that are individualized, family oriented and built on strengths.


Services that are driven by the needs and preferences of the child and family, and address this needs through a strength-based approach.


We nurture our clients by providing access and support through a host of programs that concentrate on counseling, behavioral health, education, residential care, and homelessness prevention.

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We provide integrated services with linkages between child-serving agencies and programs and mechanism for planning, developing and coordinating services.


We help people with mental-illness, substance abuse disorder, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs to live productive, healthy and valued lives within our community.


Strengthen and promote the lives of children, youth, adults, and families during difficult life transitions.

Our Services

Licensed, certified and trained professionals implement intervention and prevention programs designed to strengthen families and provide safe, stable home environments.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Our outpatient drug abuse treatment and education program offer hope to individuals and families suffering from the disease of chemical dependence. Our agency will provide an exemplary level of care and consistently demonstrate results that will place us at the top of our industry.

Multicultural Services

Our program provides multilingual and culturally sensitive mental health, substance abuse, social, and educational services to immigrants and refugee children, youth, adults, and families in more than 20 languages from various ethnic and linguistic minority groups.


Georgia residents that have academic deficits unaddressed in the traditional model of education that require supplementary support; paying particular attention to culturally response pedagogy in teaching and learning.

Residential Care Program

Realizing the high rate of delinquency and homelessness Georgia, we decided to increase its service base by providing troubled and homeless child/adolescent males with a clean, safe and nurturing environment to call home.